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Top global publishers choose SlimCut Media

As a “publisher-first” organization, reader experience is key to generating superior advertising revenue

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Optimize Your Demand via SlimCut’s Header Bidding Solution

What makes SlimCut different from other outstream providers?
We focus on the technology behind outstream to give publishers total control of their ad stack.

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SlimCut Benefits

SlimCut Publisher Side Platform

The complete solution to manage multiple programmatic outstream sources and your direct sales.

DFP™ Integrated

Header Bidding Solution

Deal ID Management

Publishers direct sales can be managed in DFP, like any pre-roll

First ever header bidding for outstream, optimizing tag performance

Direct Deal ID management within SlimCut’s User Interface

Access over 90 DSP

Index™ Integrated

Access CPCV Campaigns

SlimCut platform is accessible from the largest global DSPs, making it easy to get high fill rate

Add the SlimCut script using Index Exchange’s header wrapper or via your ad server

The SlimCut platform allows you to traffic in cost per completed view or CPM

Access to Trading Desk Spend

SlimCut’s platform is directly linked with the largest global ATD.


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Brand and Advertising Partners

SlimCut Media partners with top advertisers globally to provide quality demand for our publisher clients. Advertisers trust us to deliver engaging video campaigns within premium content.


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