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Case Study – SlimCut Outstream for CPG Brand

Planning your media buy for a CPG brand? Find out how other brands have benefited from using SlimCut’s outstream video for their campaigns!

In this case study, we look at how a leading world renowned CPG retailer has over-achieved their campaign target using SlimCut’s outstream via UpscaleTM : SlimCut’s private marketplace that facilitates video advertising purchases between select publishers and advertisers.

With multiple 15s creatives, this CPG campaign exceeded their performance targets:

Click-Through Rate:  Reached 136% of goal

Completion Rate:   Reached 123% of goal

On Target:   Reached 113% of goal

SlimCut placed these fast paced creatives featuring the brand’s latest sales in a premium environment, maximizing its impact by reaching its target audience in relevant verticals to optimize campaign performance.

Targeting millennial moms, the campaign was deployed across SlimCut’s many lifestyle, fashion, beauty and family properties, including, Fashion Magazine, Elle Canada, Canadian Living and Canadian Family, spreading their message Canada-wide.

SlimCut’s UpscaleTM  holds the largest Canada-wide reach with over 1000 premium publishers, allowing advertisers to reach their audience in a transparent and secure environment. Advertisers are guaranteed 100% viewable video ad placement with no fraud.

Want to use SlimCut for your CPG brand campaign? Test out SlimCut’s customized outstream video advertising solution for yourself! Get in contact with our sales team today at sales@slimcutmedia.com.