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Header Bidding
The First Solution Dedicated to Outstream Video 


Header Bidding

A proven, exclusive algorithm that picks the maximized source of demand in real-time.

Developed with data scientists and big data analysts over the last 24 months, SlimCut has created the first ever algorithm for outstream header bidding.





Proven Results

  • Double your fill rate
  • Increase average CPMs by 50%
  • Work with as many video suppliers as you want

How It Works

In the header, SlimCut calls every source of demand you want to add, including any outstream supplier you would like to work with. SlimCut exclusive patent pending algorithm analyses over 50 criteria such as historical CPM, fill rate, error rate and latency for each sources. The most likely high CPM wins the bid. The self-learning algorithm improves over time as it collects more data.

Keep Control with the SlimCut UI

At any time, you can change your preferences prioritizing one tag versus another. You can add a new tag at any moment directly in the SlimCut UI.

How To Install

No complicated installation, everything is handled on SlimCut’s side.

Method 1:
– Install SlimCut’s javascript via an ad server or hard-code it into the page.

Method 2:
– Use your current Header Wrapper and select SlimCut Media in the script library. Compatible with the Index Exchange wrapper.
Contact SlimCut to start testing the solution within a few days!


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