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Premium Video Advertising

Upscale is a private marketplace that facilitates video advertising purchases between select publishers and advertisers.  Advertisers are guaranteed 100% viewable video placement with no fraud. Upscale provides video inventory across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Benefits for Advertisers

No Fraud

Upscale only distributes 100% in-view, large screen video formats that will actually be seen by readers. We guarantee the best ROI for advertisers by combining the safety of direct sales with the automation of programmatic.


We call ourselves a premium marketplace because we hand-select the top properties to be part of Upscale. Upon registration, the list of publishers available to reach your targeted audience will be communicated in full transparency.

Superior Targeting

Whether you want to reach the auto enthusiast, new moms, or the sports fan – Upscale allows you to reach your targets on specific verticals across our premium member properties.

100% Visibility

We believe that advertisers should only pay for ads actually seen by readers. This is why we only provide 100% viewable advertising units. Our units are not pre-loaded. If the ad is below the fold, it will only load when readers scroll down the page.

Easily Accessible by Trading Desks and Agencies

Safe & Easy

SlimCut’s Outstream Technology adds video inventory on any page, and works across properties and content management systems.

The Best Reader Experience

Outstream Video Advertising Units are non-intrusive and engaging for readers.

How To Buy


Brand Recall & Impressions Guaranteed


Viewable, Completed, Transparent

Global Brands Trust Upscale for their Premium Video Campaigns

Get Started

If you’re interested in purchasing SlimCut Upscale video inventory, let us know about your brand and campaign and we will get back to you shortly!